WHMIS Labels Facestock and Adhesives

WHMIS labels can be purchased pre-printed or blank for on-demand printing on copier machines, laser or inkjet printers. The main difference between supplier and workplace labels is that supplier labels need to have a cross-hatched border, and workplace labels do not.

Also, supplier labels have to have the info in both English and French, and workplace labels do not. Since WHMIS labels are applied to all types of surfaces (metal, glass, round, corrugated, etc.), they need to be flexible, resilient and with an aggressive permanent self-pressure adhesive that will stick to the most difficult surfaces without tearing or falling off. The material used for WHMIS label will depend on the environmental and handling factors the product will be exposed to, but they are most commonly made from durable materials like vinyl and polyester, because they need to be resistant to abrasion, scuffing, tearing, humidity, UV, moisture, chemicals, etc. Some of the most commonly used materials for WHMIS labels are: