Types of WHMIS Labels

There are two types of WHMIS labels: supplier labels and workplace labels. Manufacturers are obligated to label their controlled products before they are sent to the users. These labels are called supplier labels and are usually placed at the back side of the product. They contain the following information:

All this information has to be in English and in French.

Workplace labels are made directly at the workplace, if the supplier label is missing or destroyed, if the controlled products are produced at the workplace, or if the contents from the original package are transferred to another container. In these cases, the hazardous material stored in a new container has to be labeled with the following info:

Supplier labels need to have a hatched border around the information, and workplace borders do not.

Sometimes a third type of WHMIS label is used. This is actually a lab label that is required for all controlled products that weight less than 10 kg, and that are transferred from one lab to another. Lab WHMIS label needs to contain the following info (both in English and French):

For more detailed instructions on WHMIS label information take a look at the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety website http://www.ccohs.ca.